MRVN Participating in the Protests in Westminster, California



 “The Call For Loving Our Country”

On behalf of Professor Nguyen Vo Long, of the Movement for the Renaissance of Vietnam

Dear Compatriots: 

It’s been awhile now since the Communist Government of Vietnam quietly surrendered land and sold the ocean to China. 

More recently it schemed to promote special economic zones (SEZs) within our country, a proposal strongly opposed by the Vietnamese people.

My Compatriots, we confront a catastrophe!  Please do not wait, do not hesitate. 

All of us must rise up, reject these developments, keep China out of Vietnam, and save our country!

This is the time for all of us to unite to eliminate the invaders. 

“Chase China Out; Save Our Country!”  is the duty of each one of us.  Ignoring this duty is a dishonor to our ancestors.

The Movement for the Renaissance of Vietnam beckons all Vietnamese people – inside the country and abroad – to lift our voices in continuous protest, to take to the streets frequently and consistently. 

The Movement also calls for stronger protest against the Cyber Law that was approved on June 12th, 2018.  This law is meant to silence the people, to deny the Freedom of Speech rights that we all value so highly.

The Movement appeals to the people of all democratic and free nations to support our just cause: 

 “Chase China Out; Save Our Country!” 

The Movement seeks to support and link hands with our compatriots to fight for our national sovereignty. 

The Movement for the Renaissance of Vietnam has the ability and realistic means to do this, please contact us.

We pray for the safeguard of the protesters in the country, God bless Vietnam with real Human Rights, Democracy & Freedom.

Movement for the Renaissance of Vietnam,

Phong Trào Việt Hưng.