2019 New Year Message

As we begin a new year, the situation in Vietnam is getting worse for the Vietnamese people.  In 2018,

  1. Internet (Cyber) Security Law was passed.
  2. In June, the Vietnamese communist government announced they will enact a law to authorize 99-year leases of key ports and strategic lands to foreign governments, i.e. Communist China. This would become a blatant act to sell our homeland to Communist China. The Vietnamese Communist Government named already the upcoming 99-years lease of 3 strategic geographical areas to Communist China.
    • Protests immediately erupted in more than 10 cities in Vietnam as well as in many cities in the U.S., Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Holland, Norway… and forced the postponement of the law.
  3. In October, the government announced they allowed the Chinese currency Yuan to be used in the 6 northernmost provinces of Vietnam.
  4. Every day, thousands of Chinese (mostly) males continue to cross our borders to occupy VN with the tacit approval of the Vietnamese Communist Government. The long term intent is clear: Chinese annexation by marriage and a form of genocide of the Vietnamese people.
  5. The latest communist Chinese scheme was the false claim that all Vietnamese inside and outside Vietnam belong to the ethnic group Kinh in China. The Chinese communists bought a large piece of land in a Paris suburb to establish a Kinh national base in order to assimilate all Vietnamese people world-wide.

These are just a few of the final steps of total Chinese annexation of our old homeland which started decades ago (a Chinese General: “Occupation without firing a shot.  Much cheaper than using bullets and soldiers.”)

This is the main reason why I formed the Movement for the Renaissance of VN (or “Phong Trao Viet Hung”;  PTVH):  to help and support the Vietnamese people in Vietnam to kick the Chinese invaders out, like our ancestors who had expelled the Northern invaders more than 10 times in our heroic history.

Since September 2017, PTVH has achieved major accomplishments:

  1. Engaged 3 American think tanks and established our own think tank with contributions from our American friends and Vietnamese supporters (Refer to website viet-hung.org for many videos and published articles about the Communist Chinese threat in both English and Vietnamese).
  2. I am on
    • The Board of Trustees of The Institute of World Politics (www.iwp.edu). This Board is composed of former Secretary of the Air Force, former CIA Director. former FBI director, retired generals and admirals, and prominent successful American entrepreneurs.  Former secretary of Defense James Mattis was the keynote speaker at the commencement exercises in May 2018.
    • The Board of Directors of the National Bureau of Asia Research (nbr.org). This Board is composed of former high government officials, retired general officers as well as highly successful businessmen.
  3. Met with many U.S. officials, legislators, military officers about the Chinese threat and the heroic Vietnamese people’s struggles.
  4. Started the training of the next two generations of young Vietnamese overseas to continue our fight until final victory.
  5. Raised awareness of the Chinese threat in America, Europe, Canada, Australia and Vietnam.
  6. Established a Foundation to provide the education, financial means and human resources for the Movement for the Renaissance of Vietnam.

We want to thank our families, supporters and friends who provide invaluable encouragement and unswerving assistance in all or activities.

Our New Year’s Resolution:  Continue the fight to expulse the Chinese communists from Vietnam until our last breath.

Dr. Long Nguyen


Movement for the Renaissance of Vietnam


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