Phong Trao Viet Hung (PTVH) is a core group of Vietnamese Americans with the mission to support the resistance to the Chinese invaders.

PTVH is calling on all Vietnamese patriots who believe in the Cause (“Chính Nghĩa”) to join us!

PTVH encourages and supports any candidate for political office in the U.S. who supports Vietnamese self-determination.

PTVH supports the formation and coordination of like-minded groups throughout the Vietnamese Diaspora worldwide.  We call upon our brothers and sisters in France, Canada, Germany, Britain, Australia and other countries to organize, coordinate, and join us!

One of our actions will be to raise funds for the resistance.  We want to support our brothers and sisters in Vietnam.

We believe the resistance has to come from within Vietnam itself.  We believe with enough awareness and publicity, groups will form within the country to move it away from Chinese domination.

Our initial slogan is: “Đuổi Tàu Cứu Nước” (Drive out the Chinese.  Save the country.)